5 authors I love to read…

My quick take on them…

1. Cassandra Clare: Shadow Hunters 🙂 need I say more.

2. Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games! Movies were pretty good, per usual – books are better!

3. Adele Adams: Inet favorite; her series seem to have disappeared overnight.

4. V. Edwards: Finally, a fresh twist on vampire’s and the supernatural – Same as AA above, get’s inked and disappears?

5. Bj Novak: Best known from tv’s “the office”, the writer/author/novelist turned out “one more thing”, which I found to be highly enjoyable!




One comment

  1. Agree with you on loving Cassandra Clare and Suzanne Collins! If you love YA, a couple of my other favorites are Maggie Stiefvater (check out Raven Boys or The Scorpio Races) and the Graceling series by Kristin Cashore. Check them out =) There aren’t many books I read twice, but these are some of them.

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